We’re a designer studio,
which is full of experience
of old building renovation.
Why do we do it?World changes everyday and many things are still same. That’s why ‘specialty’,or ‘identity’, is important. Like people, each building should have its own specialappearances. That is important to your business, as it reflects what your businessdoes and what will become of your business in the future. Beside, it may be ableto create better lives and ideas for people.
We design renovation of old buildings. We emphasise the word ‘eternity’.We also think about public’s benefits. These are what we’re going to do together.
These are our departments and presses thathave been supported us and presented our works
tell us about the project
3653/1-4 4th flr. Udomsuk Soi 1
Sukhumwit Bamgna Bangkok
10260 Thailand
Tel : 090 030 45 00
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